Explore the many custom solution offerings from neXrm

In order to provide custom solutions that not only work today, but also work tomorrow and the next day, neXrm Solutions employs the experienced experts in their fields to be there for you when you need them, working as an extension of the great services you already provide.

For help keeping up with clients or colleagues, neXrm Solutions is thrilled to provide CRM as well as IT for business – helping keep everyone on the same page. In order to add flexibility to your business operations, we’re also thrilled to help your company get into cloud computing for business.

By using the cloud for business, your office, storefront, database, or even conference room has the potential to be anywhere you want to be. Simply put, for any business problem, there is a neXrm solution. Contact us today to see how we can help make doing business less difficult.

  • Software Development

    neXrm Solutions puts software development at your fingertips

  • IT Support

    Have a neXrm Solutions IT support specialist provide quality tech support

  • Cloud Computing

    When incorporating cloud computing into your operations, the sky is the limit

  • Graphic Design

    Geeks with a creative side, what more could you ask for?

  • Social & SEO

    Let neXrm social media & SEO specialists manage your voice!

Software Development

The better a business can interact with their employees or customers, the more smoothly a business can run. At times, unnecessary man-hours can be saved with specialized business software programs that take care of the busy work that can bog a business down. neXrm Solutions are pleased to provide software development for businesses large and small.

With a staff of experienced software developers, adept in every stage of the software development process, from software programming and software coding to implementation of software, neXrm Solutions work with businesses to create custom software systems tailor-fit to client needs. Say “good bye” to time-wasting operations and “hello” to enhanced productivity and growth with software development for business from neXrm Solutions.

IT Support

For many companies, having an on-site IT support is not feasible. This can be frustrating because there are instances when infrastructure and desktop support services are required. In order to provide the utmost tech support without the need to employ a full-time tech support staff, neXrm Solutions is pleased to be your company’s IT support department.

Whether you need desktop support for help troubleshooting computer issues, help setting up new computer or phone networks, or IT infrastructure support to install new technologies such as cloud based systems, neXrm Solutions is pleased to provide managed IT services and more. From Microsoft Office 365 support for cloud computing to setting up hardware in a business environment, neXrm Solutions can solve your technical needs.

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Cloud Computing

More and more businesses are untethering themselves from specific location and embracing the flexibility that comes with cloud computing. neXrm Solutions is delighted to assist companies in the quest to utilize the power of cloud networking for business operations. No longer tied down by an on-site server, neXrm Solutions is excited to assist businesses in moving to a cloud database system for cloud storage and much more.

Not limited just to cloud storage, neXrm Solutions, a Microsoft Partner, is a provider of Windows Azure and SQL Azure cloud hosting systems as well as RingCentral phone systems. For data backup without having to worry about maintaining an on-site server, we provide CrashPlan cloud storage and database backup. Cloud computing is forever changing the way the companies process information.

Graphic Design

In the world of online marketing, your brand can reach further than your name. When people look to a specific company, most not only look to whether they can invest themselves in a specific product or service, but in the overall look and feel of a company. Because companies online are not limited to marketing themselves solely on their own website, but also across social media platforms and in advertisements, branding can play a huge role in attracting new traffic not only to your website, but to new interest in your brand.

The business solutions experts at neXrm Solutions recognize this and are thrilled to offer professional graphic design including brand development, logos and business collateral in order to enrich a company’s corporate appearance.